College Advice: What to expect on move in day

Hi Dolls,

I just uploaded another college advice video on my YouTube channel! This one is about what to expect on move in day. I've been a summer RA this year, so I had a chance to assist with move in . Also I have moved in my fair share of dorms. If you are moving on to campus for the first time, you most likely don't know what to expect on move in day. I just wanted to talk on some things that you are likely to experience on move in day!

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College Advice : Dorms vs Commuting

Hi Glam Dolls,

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Its almost that time of the year again...Back to School time ! How is almost that time already ? This summer has seriously flown by !

I wanted to do some college advice videos for my Youtube channel (sub here !) These type of videos are pretty different for me but i thought it could help someone.  As someone who has lived in a dorm before and also commuted throughout college I knew this topic was a great one to do first.

There are pros and cons to both Dorming and Commuting. The decision should be thought out and not rushed, you will be paying for your decision.....unless you have a scholarship or grant covering your housing expenses. If you do, you are pretty lucky !

I talked about some pros, cons and my opinion on what I prefer overall.

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Do you prefer dorming or commuting ? Let me know in the comments

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Shay Mitchell inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hi Dolls,

If you are subscribed to my Beauty/Lifestyle channel  (HeyitsShadei) on YouTube , you may have seen my latest video. I just recently created this new YouTube channel so you probably haven't seen it yet. I was on Instagram one day, as usual......when I saw Shay Mitchell (star from Pretty Little Liars) post this gorgeous picture below.

Via Shay Mitchell Instagram @shaym

I loved this summer look , and this braided crown. It gave me such a chic summer beach or festival vibe. I just had to recreate this, or my own version of it lol.

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How to: Wavy hair for summer !

Hi Dolls,

I recently uploaded a wavy hair tutorial on my new YouTube Channel (HeyitsShadei). I just started this new channel so I don't have a lot of subscribers, so please SUBSCRIBE here ! Its getting warmer and wavy hair is a must for summer. I love getting the chance to change up on my look during the summer. Its the perfect time to experiment with colors, textures and lengths. I am really loving shoulder length hair right now.

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Here are some pics I took of my hair for this tutorial. I always post pics on Instagram @misshadei

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